Excursion to a cave


Good morning and welcome to the Autumn! ?

For this article we have made a compilation of photos showing how the children have enjoyed and explored, discovering caves, mushrooms, fountains, ravines and new emotions.

All stunning ingredients offered by our beloved nature ? in this small area of ​​Sierra Nevada in the Alpujarra Alta. ☀️

On this occasion we visited a hidden cave almost lost among brambles and poplars, on the way to the Panjuila escarihuela (zigzag path). Taking a detour and passing the natural stone bridge that crosses the ravine in front … we found it !!!

Equipped with our headlamps, we entered and were able to see and touch rock formations very similar to stalactites and stalagmites, very very large and complex spider webs, and even an interior tunnel that invited us to spelunking.

On the way back, we passed by the Paula fountain and the Gaseosa fountain. Incidentally, it is said that the gently carbonated water of the latter has healing properties. Of course we made a stop and drank from its magical spring. ?

Clic on the pictures to open a full-size gallery:

And a video of the cave:

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