Back to school? Back to the forest!

After the obligatory summer break, we finally meet up with our beloved forest in a morning outing all together !!! ?

?After a week of enjoying the changes and remodeling of the @panycacahuetes, carried out by the mums and dads…

?We really wanted an excursion to the nearby valley?

?The children wanted to climb the “pirate fig ship” again, listen to a story in the shadow of the hackberry and of course enjoy the great picnic made of figs, pears, apples, tomatoes from our orchards ? and our beloved chapati that always accompanies us.

?Our excursions never lack those fundamental elements!?☀️? …

? This is a welcome post to the new cycle that begins☀️?

?Soon we will continue to upload photos and tell more about the every day adventures and learnings in the @panycacahuetes space.


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