Psychomotricity Room

Today we are publishing a video in which the protagonists are some of the youngest at @panycacahuetes.

Here they are in the Psychomotricity Room, filled with cushions and mattresses where they can jump, crawl, roll, etc., in total safety.

They play, play and play ….. one of the most common representative games: the baby’s game (which is how they call it). The children themselves define the rules and roles that each one chooses within the game.

Before starting, they build their “huts or rooms in the house” with cushions, they cover their walls with pieces of fabric and … “free”, non-directive play begins!

In appearance, we only see a group of children playing. But more in depth and at a physiological level, their games create a number of connections and neural networks that give plasticity to their brains. In addition, they help develop their emotional intelligence, through the way they manage their emotions and sensations within the game, depending on the role they have chosen.

Moreover, group interaction is taking place without the intervention of the adult who is there, simply accompanying the children and making sure that there is always a relaxed and peaceful environment for them to move around.

Memories of 2018

This video reminds me of another one that we had recorded a couple of years ago … when the older kids were the same age as these little ones (or a little older), here it is:

Little lions

And finally, another video where the little ones are the protagonists again…

We can see how they develop non-directive, collective and collaborative play. The lions bring the food of the day to their dens???.

To see more videos, you can visit our Youtube channel here!


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