Carnival 2020 – Exterminating yet another plague!

Bugs: we love bugs. Children love to play with them.

They can spend hours observing how the ants transport their food to the anthill, chasing and catching the butterflies, handling the woodlice and seeing how they curl up and down.

But there are insects that we like less, and that we have to get rid of in order to live in peace.

Last year, this was the case with fleas, which infested the premises of our “escuelita”, and forced us to postpone the opening of the doors at the beginning of the year, so that we could empty and clean the whole space.

Carnival 2019 was an opportunity to celebrate our victory after several weeks of relentless struggle against this scourge.

This year, another unwanted insect invited itself to the escuelita. And it arrived in another way: through the heads of the children.

As you might have guessed, the scourge of the 2019-2020 school year was lice!

After several months of more or less intense struggle, false victories, moments of joy interrupted by the sudden reappearance of lice on one or the other head, we finally found a double solution which, so far (we are still crossing our fingers!), seems to have marked the end of the war:

– The first was very close coordination between all the families with a view to controlling and eliminating lice from our heads : all on the same day, every 3 days.

Doing so, and knowing that the nits hatch after 7 days, we eliminated the adult lice before they laid new eggs.

So we were certain that in 2 weeks, there would be no more lice or nits on our heads, except of course if new ones came from outside.

– The other measure was the use of vinegar and / or black soap, which facilitated the use of the anti-lice comb. After a shampoo with these products, the lice remained numb (or died), which prevented them from running away as soon as the comb approached the heads …

As you can see in the photos below, this year’s carnival was an opportunity to celebrate the happy end of the battle: while Dani, with a drone on his head (nod to his reforestation project), tried to disseminate lice on the heads of the children, Paula, the bugs killer, pursued and sprayed them with her water and mint leaves-based insecticide.

In short, a beautiful day punctuated with laughter, under a spring sun!

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