Passion and exploration: the keys to happiness

This is how we ended the school year: studying the snails through play and contact, letting them run around our heads or preparing a little garden with leaves and earth…

Because that’s how passion is nurtured: through play and direct experimentation.

Here I leave you with some photos, which inspired me to write this little poem:

Children are born happy,
Unbridled (“without bridles”!)

They have such a thirst for learning,
The universe that surrounds them

Isn’t the best teacher in the world
Mother Nature herself?
Who brings to each boy and girl
A feeling of lightheartedness

And how could it be otherwise,
When Mother Nature gives it all:
Through games, exploration and inspiration,
She awakens every passion

Look at them, loving and gracious,
On their heads, a snail making its way,
In their hands, a butterfly or a dragonfly,
I can’t help but think “How prodigious

With wet eyes, I sit and watch them,
Feeling my heart fill with wonder
Remembering how easy happiness
Is to conquer.

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