Back to school? Back to the forest!

After the obligatory summer break, we finally meet up with our beloved forest in a morning outing all together !!! ? ?After a week of enjoying the changes and remodeling of the @panycacahuetes, carried out by the mums and dads… ?We really wanted an excursion to the nearby valley? ?The children wanted to climb the “pirate [ >> ]

Improvements to our mud-kitchen !

Our outside “mud kitchen” is probably one of our kids’ favourite spaces in the escuelita. And this is hardly surprising, as the outdoor kitchen allows them not only to imitate what adults do, but also: – stimulates their imagination (they prepare many cakes, soups and other delicacies); – develops symbolic game (role distribution in the [ >> ]

Neuronal connections children/adults

Did you know that: children have around a million billion neuronal connections while adults only have 300 billion? This is due to the greater plasticity of the brain in children: up to the age of six, our little ones have an incredible ability to “remodel” their brain, that is, to create new connections or delete [ >> ]